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Brian Heisler

Leadership Team Role: Boulder Representative

BSIE, Industrial Engineer, UIUC 2005

Hometown: Crystal Lake

I moved to Colorado in 2006 and I live in Boulder.  I work as a personal entertainment manager and agent, and own the artist agency Bear Orange (named after the Chicago Bears and Illini orange) through which I manage and book musicians.

I love music and I especially like to check out live music.  I’m a diehard Chicago Bears fan and I enjoy Chicago sports in general.  I don’t like the Green Bay Packers or Brett Favre.  I believe the only thing comparable to Michael Jordan is The Beatles.  I like to ski, enjoy comedies of all kinds, and love BBQ ribs, heady pale ale beers, and gin ‘n’ tonics.  I’m currently reading Hell’s Angels by Hunter S. Thompson (regardless of when you read this, I’m still reading that book).  I have survived diets comprised entirely of carbohydrates and I have never eaten raw peanut butter.

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